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Allison From

Allison is one of the most beautiful escorts to work the Las Vegas area. She is tall and stunning. She has a great slim body and curves in the right places. Allison is a red heat which sets her apart from the other women and adds to her beautiful and exotic looks. She has deep eyes and a great smile.
Allison is ready for a night of fun. She is great company and is intelligent. She can fit into many different types of social events and then provide additional entertainment so the night does not have to end. She is one of the best ladies for high end clients.

Julia From

When a person is visiting Las Vegas and they are looking for the company of a lovely lady they should contact Julia at Vegas Escorts. Julia is an escort as well as a model and she is up for an erotic adventure.
Julie has long dark hair and dark eyes. She is as sweet and enthusiastic as she is attractive. Julia is open to trying many different things and she is looking to please her gentle man client. Julia can provide a client with a good time and some intimate fun. With her good looks and sweet personality she is one of the best escorts in Vegas.